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If you're confused that you've arrived at this strangely bare page, perhaps you were looking for my blog?

If you're still here - then you came here looking for what is going to be my attempt at a socially-oriented GTD system. I intend to tie your email, voicemail, tweets, diggs - every one of your inputs that I can, into a single, working Inbox from which you can process your entirely life into tasks, projects, and contexts. Your contacts are also your delegates, your chat buddies, your friends. LDAP will allow you to then use us for your email client, your mobile phone - everything. No longer will you have to hunt and search and dig to keep track of all of the open loops in your life. We'll do it for you, and we'll do it quietly and efficiently.

I sincerely hope this site will become a tool that not only I will find helpful, but you will too.

For now, you get to look at a bare page. If you would like, you can follow my attempts to get funding over at our project proposal page. If my proposal is accepted, you will even have the opportunity to help fund this project yourself through micro-payments!